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Monday, April 11, 2011

Big Day

So today will be the first completion of a project for AspectOriginal. We are headed to the Boys and Girls Club at 2:30 to yarn bomb their facilities. I can't describe how excited I am to be doing this for so many reasons. A huge thanks to everyone who has helped so far, Buddy Farris, Miriam Taylor, Joe Cole, Lee Smith, Bowe Partin, Layton Davis, the Oxford Fire Department, the Boys and Girls Club, Nancy and Larry, and everyone else behind the scenes at Knit 1 Oxford. Patsy Englehard gets he very own thank you for giving me the opportunity to get involved. I approached her a couple weeks ago about doing some ad and design for her and she has embraced and accelerated my ambitions to new heights. So thank you Patsy!
I hope to see a good turn out this afternoon and check back tomorrow for the pictures and be looking for articles in the DM, and Oxford Eagle. We will have a video up ASAP.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

So we put all the finishing touches together getting ready for Monday's big project, yarn bombing the Boys and Girls Club. We're going to be doing a necklace style mobile thats hangs from the railing in the loft above the front doors. Hanging from the rope will be rings wrapped in yarn. Check back in Tuesday for pictures of that. I don't know how to describe it too much better than that. We still need more people to help get everything done with so many kids. If your interested, comment on the post. It's all happening Monday at 2:30 pm. The kids will start getting there around 3pm. The Club is at 413 Washington Ave. behind Oxford Middle School. If you take turn off of Jackson on to MLK (you can only turn one direction) and then take your first left after the middle school, you will see the Boys and Girls Club on the right. Oxford Fire Department will be there with an engine. Looking forward to seeing everyone there and the final product.

Also, the City of Oxford made us take down the yarn on the light poles outside of the Knit 1 Oxford shop. I hope you made it by there to see it if you wanted to. The pictures posted didn't do it justice. They were beautiful. Hopefully they will have a change of heart when they see the communities reaction to the Boys and Girls Club. Keep checking in for updates.

The Elements of Oxford Mini Fest is coming together nicely. Look for that April 28th in front of the union.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bombing the light poles

Awesome Sunday! We cover three light poles across the street from the Knit 1 Oxford store and they look so cool. we discovered some secrets and got over some hurdles. We now know exactly what we're doing for the April 11th project at the Boys and Girls Club. Patsy's sister and brother in law, Nancy and Larry, came in from Chicago for the week and were an huge help. Larry is helping design the mobile and to be left with the B&G Club after the project. Big thanks to Buddy Farris, Lee Smith, and Joe Cole as well for helping all afternoon. We had a lot of people interested in what were doing and if anyone is interested in being a part of the next bombing leave a comment. We would love to see more faces at future bomb sites.

Here are some pictures from yesterday and some from last night. The finished work looked really cool all lit up by the poles themselves.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yarn bombing on the square

There will be a group meeting at Knit 1 Oxford, East Jackson and 13th St, to prepare some yarn for the Boys and Girls Club project April 11th. We're also going to be bombing the light poles in front of the shop. Come around 3:30pm if you want to partake. It's a beautiful day. This will be a fun thing to do outside.

Other news, the Oxford Fire Department will be sending a fire truck to the Boys and Girls Club for the bombing April 11th. Thank you to them for that. 

Elements of Oxford Mini Fest is forming up nicely. We have a solid list of participants. Businesses on the roster include: Knit 1 Oxford, the Main Squeeze, Gone Fishing, and the Oxford Ballet School. We're still waiting on confirmation from: Honey Bee Bakery, and Yokna Bottoms Farms.